Based in Copenhagen, the design capital of Scandinavia, Moerkegaard has been dealing with a large number of international retailers since 1996. Our company has excelled in the field of serving our clients with a wide range of lifestyle products, specially designed textiles and accessories for the home and outdoor-living. We work as a full-service supplier handling the entire development process and taking on the practical responsibility of managing the project from conceptualization to the delivery of the final product range, saving the client valuable time and resources.

Our on-going search in major trends forecasting helps us to develop preliminary concept themes and colour palettes. The design process then merges trend-forecasting with our clients stated direction, coming up with a unique product range which is enhanced in a client presentation that comprises of Original Artwork, Sketches, Mood-boards, Colour Stories, Logos and Graphics.

The strength of Moerkegaard comes from mastering all the key aspects, ranging from the initial concept presentation, and the product development process to the managerial aspects of designated manufacturing. With a proven track record as the ideal sourcing solution, our company is well suited for every design and development opportunity that our clients would explore.

We are confident that our services match your expectations and Moerkegaard is looking forward to inspire and transform any idea into reality.